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Super Octothorpe

Virtual Console

Super Octothorpe is a virtual console that lets you write tiny games with a single C# file. It's available for download on our Patreon.

Turtle Dragon

Game Engine

Turtle Dragon is a 2D pixel art game engine built from the ground up using C#. It's being used to create a series of small games on our Patreon! Once it's battle tested, we plan to release it publicly.


Turtle Dragon is highly focused on retro-style pixel art games that use tile maps. Many decisions are made for you, such as the resolution (480 x 270) and tile map size (16 x 16), allowing you to focus on game design. Creating a new game takes minutes, allowing you to rapidly prototype new ideas.


Turtle Dragon is multi-threaded, highly optimized, and does not allocate during gameplay. A single room that's 16 times larger than A Link to the Past's overworld and filled with a million objects can maintain 60fps on moderate hardware.


Turtle Dragon games are very easy to mod with additional content and additional code written in C#. Write a mod, compile it as a DLL, and drop it in. Experiment!


Scenes bring together objects, lighting, physics, particles, and layers. Scenes are defined using PUML, a custom XAML-like markup language. Scene objects are defined using C#.


All scenes can be edited with the in-game scene editor. This editor can be included in the final product, allowing players to create their own content within the game.


Quickly modify compiled games with scripts. Scripts are standalone C# files that are loaded by the game at runtime.


Turtle Dragon is designed for C# developers. Games can be developed in any IDE, including Visual Studio, VS Code, and Rider. Visual tools, such as the scene editor, are implemented in-game.


All code targets .NET Standard 2.0, which enables cross platform deployment and high portability. Games can be deployed on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.


Throughout the engine, objects can be extended with reusable components. Add physical behavior to scene objects, modify texture loading, add post processing, and so forth.


Turtle Dragon's unique lighting system uses HSV (hue, saturation, value) based colors for beautifully colorful visuals. It's also extremely fast and easy to use.


The physics engine has been built from the ground up for quickly implementing the physics found retro-style games.


A grid based layout system makes it easy to draw menus, inventories, world maps, and anything that requires precise positioning.

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