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Cartridge the Tiger

Cartridge is a 2D tile-based platformer with in-game level editing, simulated physics, and dynamic lighting. Run, jump, duck, slide, pick up, throw, climb, swim, float, and fly through a colorful world. Collect potions, find books, and use magic. Create your own worlds and share them with your friends! Go wild on a canvas 10 times bigger than Super Mario Maker. Full controller support. Resolution independent. DPI independent. Unlocked framerate. Modding API.

Coming soon for Steam, Android, and iOS.

Turtle Dragon Game Engine

Turtle Dragon is a 2D game engine built from the ground up using C#. Get full access to the game engine behind Cartridge the Tiger.

Code First

Turtle Dragon is designed for C# developers. Visual Studio is your IDE, not a custom UI. Visual tools are implemented in-game or as debug visualizers.

.NET Standard

All code targets .NET Stardard 2.0, which enables cross platform deployment and high portability.


Turtle Dragon uses highly optimized code and does not allocate during gameplay. An in-game performance profiler allows you keep an eye on potential issues.


Turtle Dragon uses a powerful XAML-like markup language called PUML. This markup can be used to define screens, UI, scenes, data, and much more.

Components and Mods

Plug in to game objects with components. Override virtual methods without inheritence. Extend functionality with mods.


Turtle Dragon's layout engine is based on WPF and UWP, including panels such as Grid and StackPanel. It's also resolution and DPI independent.


The Scene control allows you to display tile-based 2D scenes. Scenes are defined using PUML. Scene objects are defined using C#.

In-Game Editor

All scenes can be edited with the in-game scene editor. This editor can be shipped with your game, allowing players to create their own worlds or levels.

Pixel Perfect

Scene are designed to render with pixel perfect precision, regardless of resolution, DPI, or camera position.


Turtle Dragon uses a simulated physics engine that has been adjusted and fine tuned for tile-based games. Precise controls and fun physics are not mutally exclusive.


The asynchronous lighting engine is fast and efficient, even with dozens of dynamic lights on screen. Lights are blended in HSV space for realistic colored lighting.

Cloud Services

Turtle Dragon can connect with cloud services for managing profiles, settings, sharing, and multiplayer.

Coming soon.

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